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Terms and Conditions

As previously stated Cressing Temple Barns is an historical and important site and as such I have had to agree to operate the event within strict guidelines.

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside any building on the site.
  2. No dogs are allowed on site, with the exception of guide dogs.
  3. No vehicles are allowed on any grassed areas because of potential damage in adverse weather conditions. This does not apply to an area which has been designated for casual traders.
  4. No naked flames within or near any buildings. This includes any oil lamps or barbeques.
  5. No stakes to be driven into any grassed areas because of the archaeological importance beneath the surface, for example building remains or burial chambers. The gazebos will be weighted and will not require staking.
  6. All lighting or any electrical appliance must have a PAT testing certificate and must not be used under any circumstances without a current certificate. This can be carried out by a qualified electrician prior to the event. Any electrical item in excess of one year old cannot be used without a current certificate. There will be no exceptions. This would include any extension leads or lamps.
  7. Please do not use any electrical appliance such as kettles or toasters as these can overload the power supply and cause disruption to others.
  8. No vehicle access will be allowed on site whilst the event is taking place with the exception of emergency vehicles and those needed during the event for catering etc. This includes any traders wanting to access the site to set up or clear up during the event. All vehicles once unloaded must be removed to a designated parking area.
  9. Items must not under any circumstances be fixed with screws, nails and staples or similar in or to any of the barns or buildings.
  10. All rubbish must be removed from site or put in an appropriate bin which will be made available.