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Cressing Temple is an ancient monument situated between Witham and Braintree in Essex. It was amongst the very earliest and largest of the possessions of the Knights Templar in England and is currently open to the public as a visitor site. It is the location of three Grade 1 listed Medieval Barns, one of which is the oldest standing timber framed barn in the world.

The earliest barn known as the Barley Barn and built in the 13th century (circa 1220) has been modified over the years and would originally have had a tiled roof which would have weighed close to 70 tonnes. The Wheat Barn was built around 1280.

The Granary built around 1575 is the oldest granary in Essex. Today these are open to the public along with other farm buildings, a museum of agriculture and enclosed Tudor gardens.

It is a stunning and fascinating site and a privilege to be a part of it.

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